Sunday, October 20, 2019

An Alien Jungle Girl for Norman

    I dedicate this to my friend Norman Lee

    This is a tough one to post, but I drew this back in 2014 for my friends Craig Rousseau & Rich Woodall & their eventual Dark Horse Comics series Kyrra Alien Jungle Girl. It was never colored or published, but it WAS inked by my friend Norman. It was the last thing we worked on together before Norman disappeared in March 2015. Recently, Jasen Smith was kind enough to complete it with his colors, so now I want to share it with everyone. This one is for you, Norman. Miss you, brother.

Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl- by Eric Henson, Norman Lee & Jasen Smith

Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl- by Eric Henson, Norman Lee 

Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl- by Eric Henson

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Undiscovered Country #1

Here's the final look at my exclusive Surprise Comics variant cover for issue #1 of the new Scott Snyder & Charles Soule Image Comics series: #UndiscoveredCountry! Big ups to Jeremy Clark for his masterful inks & a huge thanks to Juan Fernandez for taking it to the next level with colors! 
It will be available in 2 versions: this one and another "virgin" cover version featuring the unwrapped pencils by me! Both covers are now available for pre-order via the link in the comments! Out November 7th, 2019!

Undiscovered Country #1 (Surprise Comics Variant)- by Eric Henson 

Undiscovered Country #1 (Surprise Comics Variant)- Pencils by Eric Henson