Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baltimore 2012 (Part 2)!

Welcome back to another edition of my Blogfolio!

As mentioned during my last post, below you'll find a few fun cosplayers from Baltimore Comic-Con 2012, but you will also find:

Two fun interviews the I was blessed to do during the Con (giving a brief synopsis of my new series "EDEN")

- One of my previously unposted comic commissions from the show

So, here it goes! I hope you enjoy:

Interview with ComicWOW! TV

Interview with Nerd vs Nerd!

X-Men Schism Sketch Cover Commission

Here is a sample of the Cosplayers from the Con (some with me too):

Well, that's all I can post for now, folks! Stay tuned for new artwork from "EDEN", The Perhapanauts and even more sketch covers!

Until next time! Be blessed!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Con to Remember: Baltimore 2012 (Part 1)!

    Now that I'm safely back home and all settled back in with my wonderful family, I must take the time to say this; the Baltimore Comic-Con was absolutely OUTSTANDING! Not only did I get a chance to meet great people, eat great food, catch up with friends and enjoy the craft of comics, I also got so many excellent opportunities to draw sketches for the very people that make comics so fun:  THE FANS. So if you have a few moments, let me share with you my Baltimore Comic-Con experience:

Picking up my badge...

Getting set up...

Table set-up and ready to go!

The crowds building on Day 1

My friends Craig and Todd hard at work!

Holding a pal's new comic...

Chatting with Greg Capullo about drawing (thanking him for what he taught me early on in comics)

Time to sketch for the fans!

Here are a few things I ended up sketching for the wonderful attendees at the Con:

Fun times! There were even more but I don't think I can post it all now!

What is that you say? Were there cosplayers?

Of course there were! Tune in next time for part 2 of the Baltimore Comic-Con wrap up and see some of the cosplayers at their best!

Until next time! Be blessed!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baltimore Comic-Con 2012!!! (8-9 SEPT)

Alright--I don't believe that the word "excited" fully expresses how I feel about being a guest at this year's Baltimore Comic-Con! I can still remember dreaming up comics in my head as a kid, but now I'm actually drawing them and bringing these amazing characters to life! It's amazing!

Please stop by our table to say "Hi"! There will be plenty of cool prints, sketches, Perhapanauts ashcans, cards and even the very first "SNEAK PREVIEW" of my debut, creator-owned comic called "EDEN"! So come on by and be the first to see a few pages of the new series from me, Jamillah Henson, Michael Babinski, Steve Downer, Rich Woodall, Todd Dezago and Christian Leaf!