Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art Update: Assemble!

    Welcome back my friends! I just thought I'd officially share a finished piece that I previously worked on for my pal Mikey Babinski's "Process Project". Check out the colors by Ross Hughes!:

"Avengers Assemble!"
Pencils: Eric Henson, Inks: Mikey Babinski & Colors: Ross Hughes (2012)

    Oh, and here's a commission that I recently completed for the Commandant of Headquarters, European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. It's a color sketch of the building that the Commandant's office is in. It was also made into prints for joint military and civilian personnel to receive as part of their going-away memorabilia:

"Building 2308"

    Don't forget: some really, REALLY BIG announcements are coming soon about my creator-owned title so please stay tuned for more art updates! It's going to be fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by! To God be the glory!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life After HeroesCon!

    Welcome back, everyone! SO... it's been a bit too long since I've filled you in on life after my visit to HeroesCon 2012! No worries. This post will definitely make up for my unfortunate absence from the blogfolio scene. So let's get straight to it!

CON RE-CAP: It was an amazing experience that left me blessed and re-energized. I met great people, saw great costumes, drew plenty of cool characters and even became a fan of some great new comics! Don't believe me? Well, HERE--take a look for yourself!!!

Picking up my badge for the show...

My table/set-up (alongside my Perhapanaut counterparts)!

Glad to be a part of it all! Let the Con begin! 

The Masses!

My table next to comic legend Nick Cardy!

...and Mike Mignola!

Hanging with George Perez

Dave Petersen and his wife--always good to talk with him again

THE PERHAPA-CREW: Matt Wieringo, Me, Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau

Mr. Mark Bagley signing my pal's comic...

My banner (thanks to Craig and Todd)!

Craig: The master at work...

Matt and inker/artist extraordinaire, Christian Leaf (watch out for this guy!)

 ON TO THE ART! "My Con Commissions/Sketch Covers:


As if that wasn't enough, I also came back to the studio after the trip and wrapped up some other commissions for some pals. Check a few of them out here:

HULKOM vs The Avengers Commission

Batman/Joker Birthday Commission
Whew! So, it's back to work at an increased pace as I gear up to work on MANY more projects that have been years in the making! Stay tuned for more info and pics!

Until next time! Thanks for stopping by!!!