Sunday, January 29, 2012

UNC vs Duke Design!

Welcome back, my friends! I just wanted to post a quick preview of a commission that I did for a UNC (University of North Carolina) basketball fan (my uncle). The assignment was to have The Smurfs represent the UNC basketball team and to have Papa Smurf in the likeness of UNC Head Coach Roy Williams. Gargamel is represented by Duke's Coach "K" (Mike Krzyzewski). I hope you enjoy it!

Pencils & Inks by me. Colors by the great Nate Lovett!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A 2012 Perhapanauts Preview!

    Welcome to 2012, my friends! I'm glad you've decided to rejoin me on the blog this year (or if you're new I'm glad that you're joining me for the first time)! This year is a blessing for SO many reasons but one of the reasons that I'm very excited is because of the work (as a penciler) that my good friends Todd & Craig are letting me do on thier critically acclaimed/fan-favorite comic "The Perhapanauts".  So, to bring in the new year with expectation of the great things to come, here is your first preview of the behind-the-scenes process of how we get your favorite cryptid investigators out of our heads and onto the comic pages for your enjoyment! This is one of the potential covers that I penciled for a 2012 story that will hit the shelves soon:


Inks (Inks by Michael Babinski):

    And what about the COLORS you say? Well, stay tuned for a preview of that too! You'll be pretty glad you did. Which superbly talented colorist is splashing the colors on this cover? Only time will tell!
Until next time! Be blessed and be a blessing!