Wednesday, March 9, 2016

RENO- The ReEngineered Nocturnal Organism!

Check out this commission sketch of one EDEN's main villains-- RENO! I drew it as a Kickstarter reward for a great fan!

RENO- created & drawn by Eric Henson

RENO (ReEngineered Nocturnal Organism)

Reno’s current form is the product of years of genetic experimentation on the remains of warriors from an extinct species called Korothians. Since their planet’s mysterious destruction, warmongering cultures across the universe have attempted to revive these creatures in hopes to use them as living weapons. After fifteen years, an enigmatic creature called “Ghost” uncovers the secret to reanimating the Korothians and uses it to bring back the living corpse now known as Reno.

Reno’s previous memory is completely erased, and he now lives only to serve his new master--Ghost. Though he isn't the smartest of Ghost's disciples, he does possess brute strength, a ravenous appetite for flesh and the ability to regenerate from nearly any injury.

First appearance: EDEN #1

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