Monday, March 14, 2016


I'm HONORED that a fan chose my original character Neriah (from my comic series EDEN) for Kickstarter Reward Sketch #38! I always love drawing her!

NERIAH- created & drawn by Eric Henson

(Brigadier General, UAAC)

Following the invasion of Earth by a mysterious alien army known only as the Nomads, Neriah stepped forward as the planet’s most fearless military warrior and was promoted to Field Commander of the Human Rebellion. Despite her aggressive resistance, humanity was eventually overthrown and enslaved; forcing Neriah, her son Avion and her surviving troops underground. Facing defeat, Earth’s High Council launched a last-resort mission to send Neriah to a refugee planet known as “EDEN” where she was to secure a Utopian home for the remaining population of Earth. All went awry when Neriah and Avion abruptly crash-landed off course near EDEN’s colony of outcasts, awakening just in time to witness her ship explode with her son seemingly trapped inside. Told that Avion is dead (which she can’t allow herself to believe), Neriah embarks on a journey to find him and to unearth the conspiracy surrounding his disappearance.

Neriah has no memory of her life before the invasion of Earth, but has pledged her existence to the guardianship of Avion and ridding the universe of alien tyranny. 

First appearance: EDEN #1

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