Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Comic Art Studio!

Here's an inside look at my art studio! Established in a converted, 1-car garage, I've tried to make this space an inviting and fun area for my family to relax as I draw and create comics. I hope you enjoy the tour!

The Entryway- Complete with a "Captain America" clock above the door, comic memorabilia on the walls/bookcase, a comic themed couch and an "Avengers" floor mat.

When you walk in the studio you are face to face with none other than "Dr. Doom". He's basically my studio bouncer. Also there are a few Bowen statues of "The Thing" and "Storm", as well as the "Batman: Animated Series" boxed collector's set (flanked by trade classics "Batman: Hush" and "The Killing Joke"). Oh, and there's also a pretty cool "Spider-Man" goblet on the bottom shelf.

Here stands DOOM!-- the "Sideshow Premium Format Figure". He's positioned between two key Doom-centric comics; "Marvel Super-Heroes Presents: Dr. Doom #20" and "The Avengers #25"--which is basically Doom's first appearance in an Avengers comic book.

A closer look at the Doom Premium Format Figure.

DOOM! The very mention of his name makes lesser men tremble!

Some cool details on the modern Doom mask that came with this Sideshow collectible.

Beyond the entryway are a few bookcases that are home to various trades, comic book movies and several statues, etc. You can also see the "Mondo" "Man of Steel" poster as well as a few other comic movie posters and wall art.

Here's a closer look at the Gentle Giant "Ironman Mini-Bust" (complete with an LED Arc Reactor/ hand-repulsors) and the Bowen edition statues of "Spider-man" and "Wolverine."

"The Amazing Spider-man #252", "X-Men #34" and a print of the "X-Men 2" movie poster complete with a majority of the cast's autographs.

Here's one of my computer work-stations. This is where I scan comic art/pencils. It's surrounded by lots of comic wall art, and it's next to a small TV/DVD combo (for watching comic book movies, of course).

The Bowen "Incredible Hulk" mini-statue.

A closer look at the Gentile Giant edition "Thor" bust perched in front of the "Mondo" "Thor" movie poster.

Here's my primary computer work-station. Most of the pieces on the right are prints from my creator-owned comic mini-series called "EDEN."

"The Amazing Spider-Man #1" GRR right above the first "Spider-man" comic I ever bought with my own money as a kid. I remember being in awe of MIke Wieringo's art. Little did I know at the time that I would grow to become friends with the very writer of that book (Todd Dezago) and later work with him pencling issues of his "Image Comics" title "The Perhapanauts"!

And here are a couple of HULK comics. One of my favorites is at the top--"The Incredible Hulk #181"--credited as the first full appearance of "Wolverine."

Issue #1 of both runs of "The Silver Surfer" series--from the 60's and the 80's.

Everything pictured is from my comic series "EDEN." Centered is a custom figure of the main character "Neriah", built by the masterful Christopher Gutierrez. To the left is the first print of issue #1.

Here's where it all goes down--my trusty drafting table. I usually keep track of commissions, story outlines, ideas and deadlines on the white board behind.

Another shot of my drafting table and art supply area. There are a few of my favorite comics lined up on the wall.

Here's where the family relaxes and watches movies while I work on my art. Family is IMPORTANT. If you can help it, don't be a hermit when you work on your art. The time you spend with them matters more than how many "cool pictures" you drew.

The Family/Sitting Area- I actually upholstered this couch myself. It used to be a store's "breakroom" couch that they were throwing out, so I volunteered to take it off thier hands, and I repurposed it for my studio. Don't let the photo fool you--this beast is HEAVY.

Centered on the wall is a print inked by my pal Mikey Babinski and penciled by one of my former comic companions (Jeremy Dale) who suddenly passed away back in 2014. It serves as a reminder that I should push toward the goal(s) God has set before me and cherish each day--to push forward like Jeremy did. He challenged me in life to be a better artist (he lovingly tore apart how badly I used to draw "The Thing") and in his passing he challenges me to be a better person every day of my life.

In front of the couch sits a decoupage "Superman" table. I can't remember the name of young lady that made it for me, but she did an incredible job.

Michael Turner was such an inspiration to me prior to his death. Some of his early work on "Fathom" inspired me to try and break into comics. Here are a few issues he did for "DC Comics" signed by him and Jim Lee. Beneath the framed comics is a "Batman: Black and White" figurine and an actual piece of the original fim reel from Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight."

A little bit of motivation to keep on pushing forward...

The view from my drafting table...

A little reminder to "stop procrastinating and work on my art." Look, when Batman tells you to stop stop procrastinating!

Another view from my drafting table...

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour!  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Be blessed, and take care!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Designing a Predator

Here is KS commission sketch #33. I was requested to sketch a design of a dinosaur from an alien planet. Here's the "A-Rex".
A-Rex: by Eric Henson

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Time is Running Out!

Get YOUR signed, pre-release copy of EDEN #1 while supplies last! Only a few copies left before we go all digital! 28+ pages of full color awesomeness! Just go here and BOOM!:!product-page/c1lao/22314964-aa9f-19f7-f765-83d99fe21f2a

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Dark Knight & the Punisher

Welcome, friends! Here are a few of my 2016 sketches:

The Dark Knight Sketch (9x12)- by Eric Henson

The Punisher Sketch (11x17)- by Eric Henson