Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Danger" is Coming!

Welcome back, my friends! 

So much is going on, and I'd like to keep you up to speed. For starters, the release of The Perhapanauts: Danger Down Under trade is on the horizon at Image comics! For those that don't know, that series marked my first steady interior pencil-work on a major comic as well as being my first chance to work with my good friends Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau. I got to co-pencil issues 4-5 (going back and forth with Craig) and penciled the entire storyline of Molly's Mission in issue 2. The experience was astounding and I'm trilled to see this miniseries collected in a trade! You should be too! Be prepared for LOTS of extras in this trade to include pin-ups, shorts, behind-the-scenes concept art and much, much more (like the Forward being written by yours truly)! Here's an exclusive sneak-peek of the cover-inks by the series artist and my good pal Craig Rousseau!!!

Meanwhile, some startling news from my doctor surfaced this past week: I am still not able to DRAW yet!!! Well, the incision in my hand/wrist hadn't healed exactly like they wanted so some more time is needed before the stitches come out. So production on my comic EDEN and all commission work is on hold until some time next week:

So until next time, be blessed my friends! I'll be back!

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