Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Comic DEBUT!: The Perhapanauts- Danger Down Under #2

It's finally here, people!!! Check out my first back-up story on THE PERHAPANAUTS: Danger Down Under (Molly's Mission)!

Pencils by Me, inks by Mikey Babinski, colors by Nate Lovett & written by the great Todd Dezago! But don't stop there or you'll miss the GREAT, main story by Todd, Craig Rousseau & Mike Thomas as well as the fantastic back-up story from Matt Wieringo, Christian D. Leaf & Dean Trippe! Covers by Craig and Joe Staton!

Download it here: or pick it up at your local comic shop TODAY! What are you waiting for?!!

I've prayed for YEARS to finally see my name on the cover of a comic--not out of vanity, but as a sense of confirmation. This is what I love to do and God has given a gift that I am honored to use for this art form!

Buy it! Read it! Love it! Rate it! Share it! Check out the next issues for the next chapter of this adventure! If you like this issue you'll be blown away by the next issues! More art from me, Christian Leaf, Mikey Babinski and Nate Lovett: coming right up!

I'm so grateful to the LORD for this great blessing that I am speechless. To illustrate comics has been a dream and a calling for me and now God has begun to make it happen. I'm so blessed to know Todd, Craig, Mikey, Christian and the rest of the crew that enable me the chance to do this!

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