Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project: "Draw a Whole Buncha' Covers"--Almost Complete!

First of all, I hope you had a blessed and relaxing Thanksgiving (if you had one at all). Mine was very peaceful and memorable. Thanks to all that wished me a happy birthday as well!

So...I'm almost done with my sketch commissions and I have to admit: I felt like I'd almost never see the end of the road! Not that I don't enjoy doing these (I do), but balancing commissions and penciling comics is a challenge on my current, limited schedule. I think I have one more sketch cover and about 4 more regular sketches for my last con batch to be done. So here are the last few I did:

Hit Girl #1- Sketch Cover Variant

Secret Invasion #1- Sketch Cover Variant

Deadpool- Commission Sketch

 And to top it all off...a cool fan from the Baltimore Comic-Con actually had a TMNT sketch cover that I did for him CGCed! What an honor! Thanks for sending me the pic!

Until next time...BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!!

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