Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art Update: Assemble!

    Welcome back my friends! I just thought I'd officially share a finished piece that I previously worked on for my pal Mikey Babinski's "Process Project". Check out the colors by Ross Hughes!:

"Avengers Assemble!"
Pencils: Eric Henson, Inks: Mikey Babinski & Colors: Ross Hughes (2012)

    Oh, and here's a commission that I recently completed for the Commandant of Headquarters, European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. It's a color sketch of the building that the Commandant's office is in. It was also made into prints for joint military and civilian personnel to receive as part of their going-away memorabilia:

"Building 2308"

    Don't forget: some really, REALLY BIG announcements are coming soon about my creator-owned title so please stay tuned for more art updates! It's going to be fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by! To God be the glory!

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