Friday, June 8, 2012

Heroescon Countdown!

Well friends, time is ticking away before Heroescon 2012 is upon us! The Perhapanauts team and I are pumped to get a chance to meet with you so be sure to come down and see us! For more details on the guest list and location, visit The Official Heroescon 2012 Website! Meanwhile, I'm ensuring that there will be plenty of cool art prints of my work to go around. There will also be plenty of my random 9x12 sketches on hand. You can check out of few previews here:

I hope to see YOU there!!!

***All characters are a registered trademark/copyright of thier respective owners***

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  1. Hi, man! I'm brazilian amateur drawer. I was seeking for Batman images and i've found your blog. Well, you have a really nice job ! Congrats, man!