Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marker Sketches & a SPLASH of Color!

Welcome back, team! I've finally joined in on the "marker sketch" practice that lots of comic artists are known for. Here are my first few:

The Silver Surfer (Kirby Style)



As mentioned in previous blogfolio entires, our mystery colorist on The Perhapanauts has finished laying down his mojo (on my pencils and Mike Babinski's inks) and here it is! Colors by the FANTASTIC Steve Downer!:

Thanks for taking a look! See you next time!

***All characters are a registered trademark/copyright of thier respective owners***


  1. Hey, Eric~!

    Man, these are AWESOME! Though I am obviously biased on the second and fourth pieces in this minigallery--that BIG is seriously sweet and, while I thought you knocked it out of the park with the pencil's and then Michael's inks--Steve's colors are FANTASTIC! Each character jumps and that's no mean fete~!
    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!
    Talk to ya soon!

  2. Thanks, Todd! What I want more than ever with drawing the Perhapanauts is to do these characters justice. These are such great characters and designs. They are so eye-catching that I believe they deserve to be alongside the classics like Silver Surfer, Batman, The FF and others that utilize a strong, simple design to remain etched in our heads. Craig's work is stellar and I hope to learn more and more from him as time goes on! Thanks for stopping by!

    -PS: I agree, Steve did a wonderful job coloring this pin-up!

  3. Great job, Eric and you too, Steve.

  4. Thanks Brian & Jason! I'm honored!