Sunday, January 29, 2012

UNC vs Duke Design!

Welcome back, my friends! I just wanted to post a quick preview of a commission that I did for a UNC (University of North Carolina) basketball fan (my uncle). The assignment was to have The Smurfs represent the UNC basketball team and to have Papa Smurf in the likeness of UNC Head Coach Roy Williams. Gargamel is represented by Duke's Coach "K" (Mike Krzyzewski). I hope you enjoy it!

Pencils & Inks by me. Colors by the great Nate Lovett!


  1. WOW, eric~!
    that is very cool! i mean, i've been bowled away by your wonderful work on the 'haps, but i had no idea you did likenesses too! your are the ultimate triple-threat, aren't you?!? beautiful stuff! always love seeing more! thanks!

  2. Thanks, Todd! I'm humbled and thrilled that you like this piece! I think it'll be worn on t-shirts for the game today. Keep your eyes

  3. I saw this on the the tees behind the Dook bench & have been searching online for it. LOVE! You are a true blue talent!