Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The "Freakshow", "The Diplomat" and "A Fan's Hope"...

Welcome all! It's my pleasure this week to once again present to you a few interesting updates and sneak-peeks. So let's get straight to it!

First up we have: "Freakshow"! Well, a few months back I shared with you that I penciled a little cover/pin-up for writers' David Server's and Jackson Lanzing's sci-fi comic hit "Freakshow" (the trade paperback). Well, the trade is out now and it's fantastic! Fangoria gives it 4 out of 4 stars and Ain't It Cool News highly recommends it! So do I. And not just because I was blessed enough to have my art featured as the final page of the book (pin-up gallery, page 11). It's a great story and that's the most important thing. So please do yourself a favor and CHECK IT OUT by ordering it online.

*Special thanks to Michael Babinski (inks) & Stephen Downer (colors) on helping to make our cool pin-up.

Round 2: The release of Arch Enemy Entertainment's mini-series "The Diplomat" is gearing up and my work (to illustrate the covers) is pretty much complete. What's that? You want to see a cropped preview of issue #3's gritty cover? Why certainly--OF COURSE YOU CAN! Check it out, my friends (pencils by me, inks by Mikey and colors by Nate Lovett):

And Finally: "A Fan's Hope". To be a part of any major production is a blessing BUT to be one of the main cast in a feature-film produced by Stan Lee and directed by Morgan Spurlock is a true, blessed HONOR. So while the movie is not yet released in the U.S. I still want to share the poster for the film (I'm not sure who the artist is but he/she depicts all of the main characters as original superheroes).Which hero am I? Well, I'm the Air Force themed fella' in the bottom left corner. Perhaps the muscles are a bit too small but nobody's perfect!

* All of the reviews for this movie have been very, very positive so please stay tuned for more info on the release date!

Thanks for viewing! Until next time!

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