Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Episode IV" is Coming Soon!

Welcome back, people! Thanks for stopping by! Here's another brief update on our upcoming movie "Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope". It will soon be ready to hit theaters in the U.S. and is currently making its rounds at numerous film festivals around the world! It's opening with some GREAT reviews so please do me the honor of checking a few of them out here:
(The leading film review site)

The Doha Tribeca Film Festival Feature page for Comic-Con:

BIG thanks to artist Matt Haley (who created the poster for the movie). You can also check out the hard-cover companion book at your local bookstore or!

Next Up: I thought I'd share a few photos of us at the actual con during filming (which was an amazing experience)!

Getting pointers on the business from comic writer Will Wilson (Mayhem!)

Talking with comic legend Jim Lee.

Why wasn't I War Machine in "Iron Man 2"?

Me doing an art contest with "Mouseguard" artist/creator David Peterson.

Of course I'll share more as time goes on. Until next time, thanks for stoppping by!

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