Monday, October 24, 2011

A "Choopie" Warm-Up Sketch

Well, as some of you know I am blessed to have landed a slot penciling part of the upcoming "Perhapanauts" trade from my pals Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau over at IMAGE comics. The trade should be out early next year and I'm currently finishing up the last 3 pages of my assigned tale. It's been a HUGE honor and a lot of fun to pencil a book this cool and unique. In fact, you guys would be doing yourself a social diservice by NOT checking out these great characters. You can find, view and buy plenty of current Perhapanauts comics, t-shirts and other "swag" (as my pal Todd would put it) here: However, just to summarize, the Perhapanauts are a team of supernatural agents dedicated to finding and sealing the torn "rifts" of our reality and exiling the "creatures" that escape into our world from these rifts. Honestly, there hasn't been a team this cool when it comes to the supernatural policing business since "The Ghostbusters" hit the scene back in 1984! To top it off, they are not only agents, but reformed supernatural creatures themselves! Hit the link above for more info!

Meanwhile, the whole point was that...usually (before I pencil pages for this book) I like to do funny little 10-15 minute warm-up sketches of the characters in different random situations. Want me to share one you say? Sure, no problem, little fella'. Here we have Choopie (the team's comical, semi-intelligent Chupacabra). Apparently, our friend Choopie has decided what he wants to be for Halloween this year. Only thing is Molly (the team's friendly ghost) isn't too sure that their "costumes" are the best idea. Enjoy!:

And now: More Con Photos!


Chun Li & Me

Harley Quinn, Joker and some random tourist...


Me being filmed during a "Quick Sketch Challenge" versus G.I. Joe artist Jeremly Dale


More to come, but that's all for now! Until next time!

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