Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Spooky Month: From Lady Death to Teenage Mutants!

I’m honored to share my new cover to the “Chase Edition(s)” of the Lady Death Universe title “Hellwitch: The Forsaken #1” ONLY available as a reward for the new Hellwitch vs Lady Death Kickstarter going on right now from creator Brian Pulido & #coffincomics! It’s a classic face-off design that comes in 12 different, rare color variations—penciled by me, colored by the masterful Sanju Nivangune & inked by the spectacular Jeremy Clark!

You can check out the campaign & get yours here-- http://ow.ly/7ti130rX7ew

Hellwitch: The Forsaken #1 (Chase Edition)- by Eric Henson (Pencils), Jeremy Clark (Inks) & Sanju Nivangune (Colors)--Coffin Comics 2021

Hellwitch: The Forsaken #1 (Chase Edition)- by Eric Henson (Pencils) & Jeremy Clark (Inks)--Coffin Comics 2021

Hellwitch: The Forsaken #1 (Chase Edition)- by Eric Henson (Pencils)--Coffin Comics 2021

ALSO: I thought I’d finally share this #Spawn sketch cover I drew a while back & forgot to post. At the time, I hadn’t drawn Spawn since 1997! Always great to revisit Todd McFarlane’s amazing character.

Spawn Sketchcover- by Eric Henson

Here are few more #teenagemutantninjaturtles remarques that I drew a while back but never posted. Drawn on my Surprise Comics exclusive #tmnt variant cover for issue #106. A couple are even signed by TMNT co-creator Kevin B. Eastman!

Monday, August 23, 2021

The Sandman

 This was my first time drawing these Neil Gaiman characters! I’m always grateful for the fans that request these fun sketch covers. Much love to you guys. #sandman #death #comicbooks Surprise Comics #neilgaiman #sandmancomics #dccomics #vertigo #vertigocomics

The Sandman Sketch Cover- by Eric Henson

Death, Dream & Lucifer M.- by Eric Henson

Friday, August 20, 2021

My Hero Academia, Pokemon & More!

Here is another set of Surprise Comics #TMNT Remarques going to new homes!

I also had the pleasure of drawing the official window art for Surprise Comics at their new, larger location in Surprise, Arizona! It was great re-teaming with inker Jeremy Clark, colorist Jasen Smith & font designer Scott Serkland on these #pokemon & #myheroacademia pieces. Prints are available at the shop, & the window art is already up!

Pokemon Window Art (Surprise Comics)- pencils by Eric Henson, inks by Jeremy Dale  & colors by Jasen Smith

My Hero Academia Window Art (Surprise Comics)- pencils by Eric Henson, inks by Jeremy Dale  & colors by Jasen Smith

I also drew this #deathlok for my friend Mikey Babinski about 6-7 years ago. It’s so cool to now see it inked beautifully by Mark Stegbauer & colored masterfully by Omi Remalante!

Deathlok the Demolisher- pencils by Eric Henson, inks by Mark Stegbauer & colors by Omi Remalante

And finally, here are a couple of sketch covers that I drew for patient patrons or Surprise Comics in Surprise, AZ!

Nightwing Sketch Cover- by Eric Henson

Agent Venom Sketch Cover- by Eric Henson

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony #1 (Cowboys From Hell Edition)

 It’s both a privilege & an honor to officially share my new, Lady Death Universe cover for Brian Pulido’s Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony #1 (Cowboys From Hell Edition)! This rare, exclusive Coffin Comics cover is only available for a limited time from https://coffincomicsshop.com/.../lady-death-nightmare...! But hurry! Get em’ while you can! And be sure to show some love to Jeremy Clark for his fantastic inks & Sanju Nivangune for some truly incredible colors!

Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony #1 (Cowboys From Hell Edition)- PENCILS by Eric Henson

Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony #1 (Cowboys From Hell Edition)- PENCILS by Eric Henson, INKS by Jeremy Clark

Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony #1 (Cowboys From Hell Edition)- PENCILS by Eric Henson, INKS by Jeremy Clark, COLORS by Sanju Nivangune

Monday, February 15, 2021

The Making of Nocterra #1's Comic Cover! (Surprise Comics Variant)

Welcome everyone!

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at my process for creating the Surprise Comics variant cover to Image Comics' upcoming Scott Snyder & Tony Daniel release--Nocterra #1.

STEP 1: Concept Thumbnails

Before a comic cover can be born, the approved artist has to show some kind of "proof of concept" to the creative team involved with the comic series. When exclusive retailer variants are created, the chosen artist has to run that art by the retailer before it can go to the comic creative team for approval. In the case of Nocterra #1, I only submitted a couple of ideas, which both can be seen here:



Like most thumbnails, my roughs for Nocterra were very simple, loose sketches of what the comic cover could potentially look like. In this case, "Option A" was chosen. I'm glad because that one was my favorite.


With the cover design decided, it's now time to get that pencil moving and draw a full, 11x17 cover on comic art board. Here are a few shots of me trying to get my pencils solid enough to move on to the next step:

Here is focus on loosely laying out the central figure--Val.

Next, I added a foreground framing element (monsters called "shades") as well as some background shade monsters. This step is about overall composition.

Finally, I began tweaking the smaller details and re-drew the anatomy of the characters until I felt confident enough in the basic layout to move forward.

Now, normally I pencil much, much tighter than this. I tend not to leave loose lines or stray markings that the inker will have to interpret with cleaner lines. I even pencil all of the desired hatching and feathering that I'd like to see in the inked art (not to say I don't welcome an inker's additions to form, lighting and weight, but I try to make their job as easy as possible). I've found that penciling tightly helps save the inker some time and helps us give the colorist more time to work his or her magic down the line. However, with this cover, I decided early on that I was going to be a lazy penciler and just ink it myself. So very little pencil details were needed!

Bad decision? Who knows? I'll let YOU be the judge!


Look. I'm typically not an inker, but for this one, I wanted to throw my hat into the inking ring. Nowadays, inkers use scans of the pencils and print out a version (sometimes called blue-lines) to ink over. That way, there is still an original, untouched pencil version of the cover out there, and the inker can ink over a copy with less pressure of potentially messing up the only original pencils that exist. However, I inked directly over my loose, original pencils for Nocterra. Here are some shots of my inking process:

 I started with the large areas of heavy black...

...and worked my way to the mid-ground elements...

....and then some background elements.

Finally, I started zeroing in on the smaller details that would bring all 3 of those previous planes together.

Lastly, I scanned the competed inks and digitally erased any small imperfections like eraser shavings or unintentional ink marks.

When done, I have a finished, clean set of inks to send on to the next step!

STEP 4: Colors!

Juan Fernandez is a profound and successful colorist for DC, Marvel, Zenoscope, Image and many other companies, but more importantly, he's a cool collaboration partner, and he agreed to color Nocterra's cover early on. I sent him the digital file of the inks and he went to work with the mystical and mysterious process of coloring a comic cover! I've never been a part of that process (other than making a few requests here and there), but I believe there are plenty of videos, tutorials and resources online to see just what goes into the intricate process of digitally painting comics. Here, I'll just show you the finished result of Juan's genius:

Eric Henson's Nocterra #1 cover art w/colors by Juan Fernandez

STEP 5: Final Submission

And finally, with colors completed, we sent the cover art back to the publisher & creative team behind the series (in this case, Image Comics), and awaited their approval, disapproval or edits/notes.

The publishing team finalized the cover, made sure the image was formatted correctly for print, artistically placed all of the cover font on the image, and then sent the cover art back to the artist & retailer to see the fruit of all that labor!

STEP 6: The Final Reveal!

And there you have it! The final version of the cover:

Nocterra #1 (Surprise Comics Variant): Art by Eric Henson w/colors by Juan Fernandez

Thanks for checking out this behind-the-scenes look at the process! Please check out Nocterra #1 and order a copy of my exclusive variant cover HEREhttps://surprisecomics.com/collections/nocterra/products/nocterra-1-surprise-comics-exclusive-cover-by-eric-henson

Book releases 3/3/21

Signed copies will include a certificate of authenticity

(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Tony S. Daniel, Tomeu Morey
"FULL THROTTLE DARK," Part One-Ten years after the world is plunged into an everlasting night that turns all living creatures into monstrous shades, the only way to survive is to stay close to artificial light. Enter Valentina "Val" Riggs, a skilled ferryman who transports people and goods along deadly unlit roads with her heavily illuminated eighteen wheeler.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Last Ronin & the 11th Doctor!

Here’s a sketch cover commission I just finished on a #lastronin blank variant. Done with Sharpie pens & #copicmarkers.

The Last Ronin #1 Sketch Cover- by Eric Henson

Another Splinter Remarque complete!

I was honored to draw this #DrWho sketch cover for a great friend! Much love to their entire family~ so grateful to contribute a gift to their holiday celebration!

Doctor Who Sketch Cover- by Eric Henson

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Turtle Remarque Madness!

Here are a few more of my Remarques on #TMNT 106! These are also signed by Turtles co-creator Kevin B. Eastman! You can snag one of these exclusively at Surprise Comics (www.surprisecomics.com)!

Shredder Remarque- by Eric Henson (TMNT #106)

The Last Ronin Remarque- by Eric Henson (TMNT #106)

Four Brothers Remarque- by Eric Henson (TMNT #106)

Leonardo Remarque- by Eric Henson (TMNT #106)